Le Jeu De L'Amour

The Best Bars for Seduction

Paris’ many bars offer a landscape of possibilities. Looking for a bar with a view? There are plenty. One that feels very French and plays only Piaf and Hallyday? No problem. A sleek, sexy spot to take a love interest? Let’s just say you may be surprised how Paris can play a part in sealing the deal. So try one of the below spots, we dare you.

In the shadow of Sacré Coeur, you’ll find boutique hotel Maison Souquet and its jewel box of a bar. Hotel lobbies aren’t usually the perfect setting for seduction, but Maison Souquet goes against the grain with its sumptuous, dimly lit salon. Ensconce yourself in velvet and dark wood, and if you’re feeling extra naughty there’s even a hidden bar to escape to. Bonus: the hotel burns their own signature candle at the front desk, and that aroma alone makes us weak in the knees.


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What is it about a prohibition-era speakeasy with dim lighting that just screams mischief? Throw some elegant cocktails into the mix and say goodbye to your inhibitions. We also appreciate their two-story space that allows for personal space—yet the bar somehow still feels intimate and cozy. Come on... it’s like they’re begging us to break the rules!

What may appear at first like a regular bar, is anything but. Ok yes, there’s dim lighting here too (you may see a theme emerging), but what’s so unique about Le Syndicat is the quality of their drinks. Their prices truly don’t reflect their expertise—every cocktail is a sensory explosion that will leave you wanting more. There’s something so Parisian about the style and attitude of this place, and its (somewhat surprising) inclusive energy draws in an eclectic clientele.


© Courtesy of Le Syndicat


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