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Get Obsessed with Paris’ Underground Cabaret Scene

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Venture off the famed Boulevard de Clichy, and you’ll realize there’s more to Paris’ cabaret scene than can-can dancers and sanitized sexuality. Like Toulouse-Lautrec’s rule-busting dancers, the days of subversive expression and gender-bending outfits carries on. Sure, you could visit one of Paris’ well known establishments for a taste of the Belle Époque, but where’s the fun in that?

Since 1946, Madame Arthur has brought powerful, dynamic performances to its stage. Performers at the legendary space entertain guests with the energy, heart, and attitude that modern day drag queens have made so popular. Expect glitter, glamor, feathers, and so much more when you visit Madame Arthur. We love songstress Corrine in particular—she’s a real ball buster, with a heart of gold.

Paris 1 Madame Arthur

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Looking for something a bit more traditional? This cabaret focuses on vaudeville’s staples, namely singers, dancers, and magicians—with some contortionists and acrobats thrown in for good measure. The show is a bit less edgy than others (especially if you’re coming from an experience at Madame Arthur), but nevertheless you’re guaranteed an evening of decadence and delights.

Perfection is almost always attained during these 90 minute expertly choreographed performances. Hair, make up, and costumes are jaw-dropping on their own, but so are the women who bring these shows to life. Precision is always front and center, leaving audiences stunned and wanting more. There’s a reason this cabaret has been going strong for over 65 years!

Paris 3 Crazy Horse

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