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How To Experience London Like a Real Londoner

When navigating a big city for the first time, it’s easy to fall into tourist traps and simply skim the surface of what a city has to offer. When you’re too focused on seeing the major sights, you can miss the neighborhood gems that locals frequent. So we’re challenging you to think of your next trip as a covert mission: how can you blend in and fly under the radar like a real Londoner… well that is, until you open your mouth.

Don’t stay in Central London.

Go East into Hackney, and explore accommodations in neighborhoods like Dalston and Stoke Newington. You’ll be a bit further out from the chaos of the city and will discover local businesses that few tourists uncover.

London 1 Hackney

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London 2 New Malden Korean

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Make it your mission to check out local shops, restaurants, and bars.

Every area has its own pub and Sunday Roast, and every area boasts its own ethnic cuisine. If you’re into Korean food go to New Malden, if you want Caribbean food go to Brixton or Hackney. Do your research and indulge in authentic grub—British food is a lot more eclectic and exciting than the tourist books will have you think.

Get your bits at the Tesco, but don’t sleep on the local markets.

You can find everything you need at local markets like Broadway Market in East London, or Borough Market in South London. And don’t forget about iconic pop up markets that happen in places like Brick Lane and Columbia Road.


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Don’t forget about travel hacks.

Take the Thames Link from Gatwick to Farringdon to get to East London, or use Airportr so when it comes to your luggage you don’t have to lift a finger. After all, you have more important things to do like stock up on travel snacks.

Lastly, don’t be a tosser!

Leave your attitude and your guidebook at home. Splurge on that data plan so you can just use an app or a digital map to figure out where you’re going—and make sure to pull over when you pull out your phone. Remember that British road rules apply to the sidewalk too, so make sure you’re walking on the appropriate side and with the flow of traffic. Trust us, it’ll help you blend right in.


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