A Cheeky Treat

It's No One's Birthday, But You Still Want Cake

It’s no secret that you love to indulge, and why not! It’s the simple pleasures in life, like a perfectly flaky pastry or an expertly crafted ice cream cone that can make all the difference in your day. Paris boasts more patisseries than you can shake a stick at, so where do you start?
Proud Parisians will tell you the bar is set so high, that even the humblest of establishments will offer croissants better than anything you’ve ever tasted. So we’re setting the bar even higher. These patisseries offer so much more than your average cake. Get your taste buds and cameras ready to capture their beauty—just try not to be uncouth about it. 

Carl Marletti

Growing up in the boulangerie of his grandfather, Marletti’s interest in all things pastry was piqued at an early age. Since the late 80s he’s been creating delicious concoctions at various locations across Paris, and in 2007 he opened his namesake patisserie in the 5ème arrondissement. His creations are eye-catching and delightfully playful, and you better believe his mouthwatering flavors will pack a memorable punch.

Gormley and Gamble

Founded by women and specializing in women’s suiting, Gormley and Gamble focus on craftsmanship, fabric, and design, all in an effort to create the perfect pieces, by women for women. Their made to measure items necessitate a no-obligation consultation and in-person meeting, but once you’re draped in a custom creation you’ll understand why that’s necessary. Good news though, in 2020 the brand plans on launching a ready to wear line that you won’t have to wait for.

Paris 1 Carl Marletti

© Courtesy of Carl Marletti

Paris 2 Cakeboy 2

© Courtesy of Cakeboy


Leave it to an American in Paris to fill the void when it comes to traditional layer cakes covered in buttercream. The San Francisco transplant had a hard time finding layer cakes in Paris amongst the city’s vast sweet offerings, so he decided to start making them himself. Baking out of his apartment in Le Marais, his now sought after goodies often pop up in select Paris cafés. If you can’t manage to find one of Cakeboy’s creations, don’t fret—he also offers workshops and tours.

La Pâtisserie du Meurice par Cédric Grolet

Searching for something truly Instagram-worthy? Cedric Grolet, known as the World’s Best Pastry Chef, finally has his own boutique full of everything from brioche Bundt cakes to his legendary ‘trompe-l’oeil’ sculpted fruit. We’re obsessed with one cake in particular though: his 27 flavored Rubik’s Cube Cake. I mean, come on. Whatever would possess him to come up with this bizarre birthday cake remains a mystery, and we’re totally okay with that.

Paris 3 Cedric Grolet 2

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