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Moscow’s Luxe Boutique Hotels

Leave your expectations at the door, because ‘boutique’ in Moscow means something vastly different. In the US, ‘boutique’ implies that guests will rest their heads in an intimate, cozy setting, and relish in a thoughtful personalized experience.

In Moscow, you can definitely expect a buttoned-up concierge with incredible attention to detail, but don’t expect that pedestrian cozy vibe. Pffft, no way! Expect luxury and opulence. The historic buildings that house these hotels have been through the ringer, and now they exist simply to serve those with elegant taste (i.e. you!)

Russo-Balt Hotel

This 15-room hotel is housed in an elegant building dating back to 1876. High ceilings, chandeliers, and an Art-Nouveau aesthetic abound. In the warmer months guests can enjoy the hotel’s private garden, and their in-house restaurant will even serve you breakfast out there. We’re not exactly sure what a ‘pillow menu’ is, but they’ve got one of those too. You can’t make this up—it’s pure Russian decadence.

Moscow 1 Russo Balt

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© Courtesy of PR Myasnitsky Boutique Hotel

PR Myasnitsky Boutique Hotel

Sometimes it comes down to location, location, location. Nestled on Moscow’s famed Myasnitskaya Street, this 10-room hotel is surrounded by tons of restaurants and shops to explore. If you’re lucky, you can snag a room with a street view and scope things out from the comfort of your bed. Hey, sometimes all you need is a flat-screen, blackout curtains, and a plush mattress to really enjoy a vacation. On the flip side, if you feel like hiking (bit weird, no?) there are trails near the hotel too.

Hotel National

This is probably the most well-known of the bunch, but that’s because it sits on Red Square and has a luxury 5-star rating. It’s also much larger than the other hotels we’ve mentioned, but oof, it’s just too luxurious to pass up. Its hundred-year history as a hotel is palpable when you walk in—think marble, drapery, painted ceilings—the works. It also boasts three upscale restaurants, a heated indoor pool, and what they call ‘vintage-themed event venues.’ All that to say, their old-world hospitality is nothing to sneeze at.


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